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Functional Visualisation Component


Functional Enrichment and Correlation Visualisation

Tackling the Issue

The functional enrichment and correlation visualisation can provide clear and customisable visualisation of enriched gene clusters and biological pathways. It can be applied to identify correlations between transcript expression levels across cultivars/tissues of the barley pan-transcriptome.

Functional Interactions Visualisation

Making a Difference

The complicated interactive relationships among genes of the barley pangenome can be dynamically visualised using the package.


Phylogenetics/Tree Style Visualisation

Doing What’s Needed

The Functional Visualisation Component provides tools for visualising evolutionary relationships in phylogenetics or tree style visualisation.

Heatmap Association Visualisation

Tackling the Issue

The genetic associations of the barley pangenome can also be explored using traditional approaches such as heatmaps and clustering.

Functional Vis: Programs
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